Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nursing - The Perfect Course?

Ever since the year 2000 began, people, especially Filipinos tend to believe that NURSING is the best choice when taking up a course. And so they think it is. I am going to make this article not to discourage the would-be college students nor put a disgrace to nurses in general. I would just want to express my own opinion and thoughts about the said NATIONAL course.

I, myself, am not a nursing student nor a graduate of such course yet I'll base this with what I have seen, realized and understood about the said course. So, my apologies to those who would be hit by this article yet all the while I know most of the graduates would agree to this though. As one of the Filipino idioms say: Bato2x sa langit, ang tamaan wag magalit (To those people who would be taken aback, don't get mad).

Hundreds and even thousands of fresh highschool graduates enroll to Nursing each year bringing with them the dream to save its family from the current state of living they have. Each person who takes this course always have the notion that when they take this course they can go abroad and double or even triple the income they receive monthly. Yet, is this what's happening? Is this really true? For me, nursing is only good for people who have direct connections abroad. To those who could afford the expenses of going out of the country. Because if you're just a plain ordinary person here in the Philippines, with its economy twisting, would really have a hard time going out of the country and earn a living.

There are thousands each year who graduates from this course. In 2008 alone, there are about a hundred thousand graduates. Yet, have they gotten out of the country? The sad fact is, NO. Almost all of them went for a job that is not in line with their course. Some are in fast food chains, some are in call centers, while some are in a below minimum wage earning jobs. Is this the price you have to pay for those grueling years of college and the high tuition fees your parents paid? The answer again is, NO.

Before choosing a course, have a reality check my friend. A lot of nurses here in the Philippines earn lower than the security guards. Would you believe that some nurses earn just a thousand buck a month? Is that worth all the effort and hardships you have encountered? Some don't even have salary just because they voluntered. Who are they kidding? Believe me, working in the hospital is NO JOKE. It's hard and very tiring. A thousand buck or no pay at all is injustice. Would you allow that to happen to you? For Christ sake, you're a diploma earner, a license holder and is that how much you're only worth of? Hell, NO. So, come to think of it.

Also, try to think it over, you're not the only would-be nurse. There are thousands of people the same as you are and would be fighting over the same jobs! And with the immigrations so strict nowadays, how can you get out of the country? With scams rampant nowadays how can you trust the agencies? It's a war in real world.

Nursing is only great for people who already have direct connections to the neighboring countries. Don't be fooled by the easy access to abroad thing. Because in reality, it's not easy to go abroad. You need a hefty lump sum of money to be able to survive there. You need to pass the interview which some of them are acting like A-holes. So, come to think of it. Do you really have direct connections to make it easier to go out of the country?

To the upcoming college students, nursing is not the answer to your poverty. In fact, it is the hardship and determination that saves you from where you are right now. Believe me, nursing is not the only course. Don't be fooled. Open yourself to the reality that there are still a lot of 2000 graduates here in the Philippines stucked because they cannot go abroad or they don't have money to finance the trip. Dear friend, don't you ever waste your knowledge because your wit is the key to success! In choosing a course, try to find a flexible one. A course that can be applied to almost any institutions and a course that is somewhat universal, where you know that you would be needed. If you're good in math, go ahead and take up engineering. If you're good in analysis, better yet take up accountancy. If you're patient enough, try education courses. Don't follow the mistakes of the others. Follow your dreams and stand up for what you want. Don't let the others persuade you. After all, it's not about the course, it's about the DETERMINATION TO SUCCEED.

To the graduates of 2009, GOOD LUCK. May you choose the right course for you.
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